Poster Presentations


The poster session will occur at 6:00pm on Sunday, October 2nd, inside the Double Tree Hotel. Dinner will be served at 6:30pm.

Presenter Poster Title
Ahmed Abbas Electro-optic polymeric reflection modulator based on plasmonic metamaterial
Angela Liu Development of fiber optic biosensors for rapid detection of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Colton Bigler Holographic Spectrum Splitting Window for Biofuel Growth
Danielle Doughty FIRST (Fibered Imager for a Single Telescope)
David  Vega Micro-Endoscope with Optical Coherence Tomography, Multiphoton Microscopy and Visible capabilities
Dennis Yi Computational Optimization of Band-Pass Thin-Film Optical Filters
Gisell Lorena Osorio Study of Laser Ablation Synthesized Nanoparticles and Characterization by Nanotracking Analysis (NTA) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
Hao Yang Layer-Dependent Third-Harmonic Generation in Graphene
Harish Achar Vasant Brillouin gains efficiency in short optical fibres
Hyukmo Kang Alignment estimation performance comparison between computer aided alignment algorithms for a TMA optical system
Jean-Yves Mbaigolmem Two dimensional intensity profile of the self-focused beam in the photorefractive Zr-doped lithium niobate single crystal under the biais of an external low frequency electric field
Jianheng Luo MMI Crossing Design for 1300nm Photonic Switch 
Jose Alfredo  Jimenez Hernandez Classification of Human Eye Ametropia using a Neuro-Fuzzy System
Juan Manuel Lopez-Tellez Development of a Scanning Polarimetic Scatterometer for Two-Dimensional Rough Surfaces 
Julia Clark A Deterministic Numerical Solver for 3D Polarized Radiative Transfer in Strongly Scattering Media
Justin Deterding Photoinduced Changes of Polymer Morphology and Molecular Structures
Justin Hyatt 3D Printing Low Cost Mirrors for Sub Millimeter Telescopes
Mono  Livingston Optimization of Optical Transmission of Gigabit Ethernet Rates
Vera Andreeva Polarization Of THz Radiation Generated In Gas Plasma  Induced By Two-Color Arbitrarily Polarized Laser Pulses
VS Rakesh Krishna Branch Identification in Point to Multipoint Passive Optical Networks Using Distinct Pulse Shapes
Shang Liu Plasmonic Enhancement for Silicon Vacancy Center in Nanodiamond Crystal