Schedule Overview


The conference will run from Friday, September 30th, to Monday, October 3rd. You won’t want to miss any of the days, because our schedule is packed with opportunities. Below is an overview of the schedule of events. A detailed breakdown of each event can be found on our calendar page.

  • Friday: The conference will begin around noon on Friday with opening remarks and a keynote from Dr. Barton. We will have our first wave of student presentations this day for several hours, followed by a social before a second plenary talk from Dr. Kim during dinner. Optional University of Arizona tours will start before noon, for students that arrive in town earlier.
  • SaturdayThe bulk of student presentations will occur on this day, in both the morning and the afternoon. In the afternoon, we will have arranged open lab times and trips to see the Richard F. Caris Mirror lab. In the evening, we will head downtown for a social night out in the local Tucson scene.
  • Sunday: This day gives students an opportunity to see one of best attractions in Tucson, the  Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. This will take most of the morning, and part of the afternoon. We’ve left space for a shower and a nap in the afternoon before having a panel discussion from the Women in Optics club. Then, we will have a poster session in the Double Tree and dinner.
  • Monday: Learn how to manage your chapter, and how to effectively do outreach events from officers in the Student Optics Chapter. We also have the College of Optical Sciences Industrial Affiliates program visiting Monday afternoon as our exhibitors. Several of the companies will also be present for an Industry Q & A panel, an opportunity for students to network with potential employers and learn about careers in industry. Similarly, a panel of the College of Optical Sciences professors will also give a Q & A panel for those interested in academic careers. The Industrial Affiliates will have a company showcase in the afternoon where students can meet representatives from different companies and network with them.