Travel and Hotel


Because the Tucson airport is several miles from the University of Arizona, and our hotel, we will assist conference attendees by having vans to transport groups of students from the airport to the hotel. Based on when you arrive, we will group you with other students who are arriving at the airport at similar times to minimize the number of trips the vans have to make.

We will be putting up out-of-town students Friday night through Sunday night in the Double Tree Hotel, which is relatively close to the university. Students will share the room with another student of the same gender. A sit down breakfast is provided at the hotel. If students would like to spend additional nights in Tucson either before or after the conference on your own expense, our agreement with the hotel gives you a very low rate. The Double Tree has several nice amenities that we encourage students to take advantage of during their stay.  More information on the hotel can be found here at their website.